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  Quiet Time

Quiet Time For Families

Quiet Time is a set time where the family learns to relax, unwind and let go.

We think we are relaxing when we watch tv, scroll through facebook, play online games but we are not relaxing.

These are simply mere distractions from life, from truly experiencing what is coming up at that time. Sadly many of these patterns of behaviours become unhealthy addictive patterns that we pass on to our kids.

We have bought into the illusion that we all have to be "be busy" what has happened to just chilling, just being, just appreciating, just loving....

Quiet Time is about Quality, Quiet Time with the whole family in normally an undisturbed, relaxing environment but the calming skills from quiet time can be actually be brought into even a chaotic environment once learned.

It helps support anxious, worried, stressed and unhappy families into calm, relaxed, confidence and happy ones.

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