Quiet Time for Busy Families

How to Create Calm in a Chaotic Family Life

Quiet Time for Busy Families

Stress Therapy for Kids and Adults

Quiet Time For Families

Mindful & Relaxation Program for Families

A simply and easy step by step program

designed to teach you and your family experience more calm and less chaos into your busy family routine.

Experience More Calm And Confidence, Less Crying

Experience More Family, Less Fighting

Express More Peace And Harmony, Less Problems

This Online Self Study Program includes a

range of soft skills to encourage the family to participate in Quiet Time,

it includes a range of simple meditation, mindful and relaxing activities for the whole family.

Activites that will help reduce anxiety and stress.

Encourage healthier communication and balance between family dynamics.

It helps encourage more unplugging and less addiction to technology

It includes a range of video courses and mp3 download's

My most popular

5 Minute Meditation MP3,

Traditional Breath Meditation MP3

Muscle Relaxation Technique,

Golden Sand Sleep Guided Meditation for adults and kids over 8

Your Guardian Angel MP3 for kids and toddlers.

Various mindful activities such as mindful walking, baking. mindful colour-in activities as a downloadable pdf...

It teaches you how to gently incorporate Quiet Time into any busy household slowly with the least resistance from the rest of the family.

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Your Instructor

Eileern Burns
Eileern Burns

Eileen Burns, owner and main trainer of Stress Coach Training. Eileen has been studying Stress Management, Meditation and Healing for over 28 years.

She is principle and main trainer of Stress Coach Training she provides online professional stress management, meditation and relaxation therapy services. A trainer and teacher in local eduation, charity, health and community sector for over 15 years.

She now offers online stress management training and spiritual marketing courses for coaches, healers and therapists through www.stress-coach.co.uk and www.spiritualmarketingclub.com

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