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Want To Be The Therapist That Thousands Of Clients Are Looking For?

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Struggling To Stand Out In The Crowd?

Struggling To Attract Enough Clients?

Struggling To Be Seen As An Expert?

We give you the training, the skills and the qualification to stand out.

We give you the skills thousands of clients and organisations are looking for that few people are offering.

We show you how to become an expert in the stress management field.

As a coach, healer and therapist who began studying in the holistic field 25 years ago and who became a stress expert, teaching mainly meditation and relaxation therapy for 17 of those years. I know the challenges and difficulties many face in the holistic industry. Especially today, with so many fast track training schools popping up everywhere offering everything and anything.

Clients are sick and tired of coaches and therapist that say more than their prayers, who simply want their money. Clients want coaches and therapists who really want to make a difference, who want to help client help them-self.

Stress is the biggest cause of disease, unhappiness and work absenteeism. Organisations and clients need coaches and therapists who can teach clients simple and empowering stress management skills that can be applied to every day life.

Become the Ultimate Relaxation Therapist & Teacher

with our online accredited training.

The online certificated training level 1 & 2 includes live sessions, webinars and self study modules.

Introduction To Relaxation Therapy Level 1

Module 1: Stress

Learn about different types of stress, stress response, internal and external stressors, the negative mind

Module 2: Anxiety

Learn about chronic anxiety, anxiety cycle and anxiety disorders

Module 3: Relaxation

Learn about the relaxation response, and the role of a relaxation therapist and teacher

Module 4: What Is Relaxation Therapy?

Learn about various relaxation techniques including PMR, Body Scanning...

Module 5: Breathing

Learn how to identify unhealthy breathing and about correct diaphragmatic breathing, breathing technique

Module 6: Meditation

Learn about different forms and styles of meditation, meditation poses including learn traditional meditation techniques, breath and mantra meditation

Module 7: Creative & Guided Meditation

Learn about creative visualisations and the use of safe, effective scripts

Module 8: Contraindications, Healthy And Safety Guidelines

Learn about possible contraindications, healthy and safety guidelines

Module 9: Sleep, Brainwaves

Learn about different brainwaves, how to encourage healthier sleep patterns

Module 10: Assignments & Self Case Study

Requirements for Level 1- Introduction To Relaxation Therapy- Self Use Certificate, this is a basic requirement before going on to level 2.

Level 2- Become A Relaxation Therapist

Module 11: Becoming A Professional Relaxation Therapist

Learn how to develop your skills, experience and resources to become a professional relaxation teacher and therapist

Module 12: Codes of Conduct & Safety Guidelines

Professional codes of ethics, insurance and healthy and safety guidelines as a teacher and therapist

Module 13: Advanced Stress, Hormones

Learn about different types of stress and stress hormones

Module 14: Advancing Relaxation Techniques

Learn more advanced relaxation techniques, including NLP skills

Module 15: Advancing Your Meditation Skills

Learn more meditation and mindfulness activities including our most popular 5 Minute Meditation

Module 16: What Is Biofeedback Therapy

Understand the use of biofeedback therapy

Module 17: Sleep Therapy

Learn how to create sleep therapy plans and programs for clients

Module 18: Setting the Scene, Sound & Music

Learn how to create the right scene and sound for one to one sessions and group settings

Module 19: Time Management & Stress Management Bonuses

Learn how to support clients manage their time, introduce hobbies and more into their life

Module 20: Certification & Accreditation Requirements- To Do

Step by step process for Accreditation Requirements includes case studies

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Become The Ultimate

Relaxation Therapist & Teacher

Gain expert skills and knowledge to confidently teach thousands of stressed out clients and students how to relax and let go of stress.

Gain the qualification to increase your demand and expand your business opportunities.

Learn how to master your own stress and anxiety, experience more calm and deep relaxation on a daily basis.

Common Questions

I am unsure I can afford the one off payment, do you have a payment plam?

Yes, see below, we have a payment plan for the certificated and non-certificated version of this course

Is The Certificated Course Approved?

You have the confidence to know our certificate is approved by the International Practitioners Of Holistic Medicine.

Why Should I Train With Stress Coach Training?

Well the difference with our training is the course is written and provided by an expert in this field. Eileen Burns, Stress Expert has been teaching meditation, relaxation and stress management for 17 years. She created the training around what works and what individuals and organisations want and need. Learn more about Eileen

What Sort Of Support Do I get?

You get instant access to our exclusive Stress Coach Training facebook support group plus you get a one to one online session in each level with one of our trainers. Also opportunity to join our live webinars

How quick can I become Certificated?

It all depends on the commitment you can make it takes on average 120 hours a lot of Level 1 is actually applying the techniques into your own life. And a large chunk of Level 2 is about supporting others manage and reduce their stress and anxiety through case studies. On average students complete the training in 6-12 months.

I Have A Few More Questions

No problem Book a 20 minute online Q&A chat with Eileen Click Here or email us your questions at info@stress-coach.co.uk.

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non-certificated level 1 & 2 paid together is £397

The level 1 & 2 certificated relaxation therapist training bought together is £597.

Fully payment must be completed before doing any assessment or live training.

Level 1 Training and Assignments must be completed before going on to Level 2.You have 6 months to complete each level. Email us for further questions at info@stress-coach.co.uk

Student Testimonials Certificated Level 1 & 2 Relaxation Therapist Training

“I have really enjoyed the stress coach training and have learnt a huge amount from it. The course has introduced me to all sorts of relaxation methods that I can now offer to my clients. It has really helped me think about how I can support them in making simple but effective changes to help them manage some of the everyday challenges that cause them stress. I would recommend the course to any therapist who works with stressed out clients as it shows us there are loads of ways they (and we!) can build in quick but effective relaxation techniques into normal daily routines.” Anna Stone, Holistic Therapist, Calme Therapies

“As a personal trainer and remedial & sports massage therapist with a professional client base, I was aware that many of my clients were extremely stressed from their high pressurised jobs and busy lifestyles and wanted to find a way to add value to my services and help my clients relax more…. I would highly recommend Eileen’s Training Courses to any fitness, health or wellness professional who wants to enhance their skills and personal development.” Brian Carr, Brian Carr Personal Training Services

“As a healer, I have learned a wide range of invaluable meditation and relaxation techniques through the Relaxation Therapist Training, I now feel confident that I can teach clients self-help techniques that will help them reduce and eliminate their stress, instead of merely treating their symptoms .” Leslie Marsh,Spiral Heart Healing

Your Instructor

Eileern Burns
Eileern Burns

Eileen Burns, owner and main trainer of Stress Coach Training. Eileen has been studying Stress Management, Meditation and Healing for over 20 years.

She is principle and main trainer of Stress Coach Training she provided professional stress management, meditation and around Lanarkshire & Glasgow in Scotland UK for over 15 years, online services 18 years.

She now offers online stress management training and spiritual marketing courses for coaches, healers and therapists through www.stress-coach.co.uk and www.businessspirit.co.uk

Class Curriculum

  Module 16: Biofeedback Therapy
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days after you enroll
  Module 20: Certification & Accreditation Requirements- To Do
Available in days
days after you enroll

Courses Included with Purchase

Level 1- Introduction To Relaxation Therapy -Level 1
Let Go Of Stress And Anxiety With Powerful Meditation and Relaxation Skills
Eileern Burns

Original Price: £395

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